Snooze Holdings, Inc. (“Snooze”) (December 2012-present) Snooze is headquartered in Denver and operates more than full-service breakfast and lunch restaurants. Shackelford led the diligence for a November 2012 investment in Snooze by Weston Presidio, a private equity firm. Shackelford co-invested with Weston Presidio and was interim CFO for 18 months post-investment. He played either the lead or a major role in every aspect of the Company’s “professionalization”, including serving as liaison to Weston Presidio and the board of directors, assisting in the hiring of an entire new management team, and developing the Company’s back-office accounting and administrative infrastructure. Shackelford participated in all major decisions, hired and led the finance, accounting and IT staff and helped hire two permanent CFOs. In May 2016, Shackelford returned as interim CFO as the Company prepared for an M&A process. Shackelford led the finance, accounting and IT staff, worked with the Company’s advisors to prepare all marketing and diligence materials, and played a significant role in the diligence process for the transaction which closed in November 2016. Shackelford remains a shareholder in Snooze.